Privacy Policy

This page contains Privacy and Terms of Use.

Gathering and Using Information

Our Virtual Store collects information from users in various sections of the site and is the sole owner of all information collected on this site. The information collected on the site may not be sold, rented or given to third parties in any way other than the ways described in this text.
In order to subscribe to this site, the user must first fill out a registration form. During registration, the user is asked to provide information about the company profile and products, if any, such as their contact information (phone, e-mail, etc.). This information can be used to inform members about our new products and services, and to determine the member profile.
Note: The membership system is wrong, and the system performs the membership process at the same time by handling the order form filled during the product purchase process for our customers who want to become a new member.
Username and Password
It will be possible to access the user's account only with its username and password. The password required to access the user's account is securely deciphered with 128 bits and stored in a useless and unsolvable manner.
Publishing Information
The information that the user leaves to the site, company news, product information, general person and company information, etc. are not shared with other users anywhere on the site.
Updating Information
The user can update his / her information and password (passwords are securely stored in 128 bits) at any time through the links in the Members Area. E-mail should be sent to the address in our contact address for cancellation of membership.
Sharing Information

The demographic information of the users can be shared with the advertisers of the site, this sharing does not include the transfer of the personal information of the users.
If our Virtual Store offers any service (payment infrastructure, etc.) to its users through a third party, the information necessary for the realization of that service is transmitted to the third party. The party in question may not use this information for any purpose other than performing the service.
Cookies are used on our site to prevent our users from entering the registration information repeatedly and to make the site more convenient. Cookies do not lead to the identification of users. It is only for the site to remember the user.
Log Files
The management of the site uses IP addresses to see trends, track user movements and collect demographic information to increase usage. IP addresses do not allow users to determine their identity. They only collect information about which pages, when, etc., and use them to direct the site.
There are links to other sites from this site. Our Virtual Store is not responsible for the content and privacy policies of other sites linked from this site.
Contests and Surveys
From time to time, we request information from users for surveys, contests and sweepstakes. Participating in these surveys and competitions is optional, the user decides whether or not to provide information. The requested information may include contact information (such as name, address) and demographic information (such as age, gender). Survey questions are used to monitor the usage of the site and to measure the satisfaction with the site.
We request information from the user in our Order Forms. In these sections, the user should provide his contact information (such as name, address). This information will be used to receive the payment of the customer's order, to deliver the order and to bill. If there are problems in payment or delivery, this information will be used to contact the user.
In this site, all kinds of precautions have been taken for the security of the information of the user. All necessary infrastructure has been provided for users to navigate the site comfortably and safely, examine the products and place an order.